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Student Life in the Program

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About the program

Why study Business Administration?

Students acquire comprehensive training and education that allows them to understand the dynamic of the business world based on a solid knowledge of the various functional areas of a company. By developing competencies such as leadership and interpersonal skills, global perspective, ethics and social responsibility, critical thinking, oral and written communication, and business management, students are capable of performing successfully within national and foreign organizations, identifying business opportunities, and proposing innovative solutions that positively influence their environment.

Alumni Profile                                          My experience at Icesi

telemática egresado

Students who graduate from our Business Administration program at Icesi University are known for being innovative, leaders who are aware of the need to think globally in the world of business.

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giselleGiselle Juri

Undertaking this major has enabled me not only to develop leadership and entrepreneurship skills, but also to have a global vision of the world.

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