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  • Acreditación de Alta Calidad
    Acreditación de Alta Calidad
  • Congreso Internacional en Las Vegas

    Profesor del Departamento de Finanzas estuvo presente en Congreso Internacional en Las Vegas

  • La firma Ernst & Young hizo entrega de los premios a los autores de las tres mejores ponencias presentadas en el Simposio Internacional de Normas NIFF, evento organizado conjuntamente por la Universidad Icesi y la Universidad del Valle.

Student Life in the Program

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About the program

Why major in Public Accounting and International Finance?

  • Modern professionals train in accounting & finance find extensive possibilities to work both locally and abroad because these two disciplines together follow global businesses and are required by all various kinds of organizations.
  • Because these two fields of study are critical to the success of an organization, professionals in accounting & finance are recognized and valued in organizations and on the labor market in general.
Alumni Profile                                           My experience at Icesi

telemática egresado

Alumni from Icesi University have internalized the values of honesty, equity, and respect for people, and act in harmony with these values.

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Diego Fernando Reyes.

“It is comforting to learn that the Accounting program at Icesi is one of the most sought-after programs on the labor market.”

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