In this page we summarize our past and current projects. Their associated software products are maintained in our FusionForge.

CAOBA: Colombian Center of Excellence in Big Data and Data Analytics

More precisely, CAOBA is a collective initiative that groups 11 entities: 4 universities (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad de Los Andes, Universidad EAFIT, and Universidad Icesi); 4 entities from the industrial/government sectors (Nutresa, Bancolombia, DNP, Cluster CreaTIC); and 3 IT/Big Data/Analytics market leaders (Dell-EMC, IBM, SAS). As a Center of Excellence, CAOBA was formed with the sponsorship and financial support of Colciencias and the Ministry of ICT, to develop projects and solutions in the Big Data/Analytics area. Within this initiative, several professors from the ICT Department (Engineering Faculty) and from the Economics and Finance Departments (Administration and Economics Faculty) have developed several projects for Nutresa, Bancolombia and DNP.
Local Project Leader:Gabriel Tamura
Participants:Norha Villegas, Javier Díaz, Juan Manuel Salamanca, Julio César Alonso, Luis Berggrun
Research Line: Big Data and Analytics

Reliability on Self-Controlling Mechanisms in Software Systems (ReSeCo)

This research project focuses on the investigation of mathematical relationships between adaptation goals (i.e., quality attributes), adaptation mechanisms, and adaptation properties, with the goal of advancing toward the definition of a theory that helps designing reliable self-controlled software systems.
Project Leader:Gabriel Tamura
Participants:Norha Villegas, Angela Villota, Juan M. Ropero, Karen L. Lara
Research Line:Situation-Aware, Self-Adaptive Software


Personalized Web-Tasking with Situation-Aware Smart Applications

The long-term goal of this project is the development of a framework and prototype to guide the design and implementation of situation-aware smart software systems for personalized web-tasking, which includes user-driven web task automation—in the smart internet.
Project Leader:Hausi A. Müller
Participants:Lorena Castañeda, Norha M. Villegas
Research Line:Situation-Aware, Self-Adaptive Software

Application of Context Management Techniques to Big Data Predictive Analytics

This project focuses on the investigation of approaches to improve the accuracy and user-relevance of recommendation systems by applying dynamic context management techniques.
Project Leader:Norha M. Villegas
Participants:Gabriel Tamura, Lorena Castañeda, Cristian Sánchez
Research Line:Situation-Aware, Self-Adaptive Software



An open-source software product line engineering framework and engine.
Project Leader:Hugo F. Arboleda
Participants:Gabriel Tamura, Andrés Paz, Miguel A. Jiménez, Julián Cifuentes
Research Line:Situation-Aware Self-Adaptive Software, Model-Driven Software Development


Integrated System of Indicators and Metrics for Monitoring and Control of Software Factories Projects

To unify data collection of systems that support the sub-processes of technical solution (i.e., solution architecture, implementation and transition to operation) at Carvajal Tecnología y Servicios software factory into a software system that automatically calculates metrics that allow to analyze the performance of those sub-processes.
Project Leader:Gabriel Tamura
Participants:Juan Sebastian Cortes, Sebastian Santamaría, Luis Miguel Muñoz Piedrahita
Research Line:

PaSCAni: A Domain Specific Language for Automated and Composable Testing of Software Components

Thesis Project. A Domain Specific Language for specifying and executing automated, composable, and traceable test specifications for component-based systems complaint with the SCA standard, using the OW2 FraSCAti middleware..
Project Leader:Gabriel Tamura, Angela Villota Gómez
Participants:Fabián A. Caicedo, Miguel A. Jiménez
Research Line:Situation-Aware Self-Adaptive Software


Improving Context-Awareness in Situation-Aware Smart Software and Self-Adaptive Systems

This project focuses on the investigation of models and mechanisms to represent, acquire, provide, and reason about context information to improve context-awareness in user-centric situation-aware smart software (SASS) systems.
Project Leader:Norha M. Villegas
Participants:Gabriel Tamura
Research Line:Situation-Aware Self-Adaptive Software, Software Architectures and Emerging Approaches

Self-Healing: Exploration of the State of the Art, Approaches and Specifications

The main goal of this project is to characterize requirements specification and corresponding verification and validation (V&V) methods. Based on this characterize, to propose models and incorporate them and corresponding suitable V&V methods for them in a controlling feedback-loop that dynamically monitors the satisfaction of the system requirements, as proposed by Tamura et al.
Project Leader:Gabriel Tamura
Participants:Norha Villegas, Angela Villota, Miguel Jimenez, Andrés Villegas
Research Line:Situation-Aware Self-Adaptive Software

SmarterContext: Ensuring Security and Confidentiality in the Management of Context Information for Smarter Web Applications

This project focuses on enabling SmarterContext, the dynamic context management infrastructure proposed in Norha Villegas’ dissertation, with efficient mechanisms to guarantee security, privacy and confidentiality in the management of context information.
Project Leader:Norha M. Villegas
Participants: Juan C. Muñoz, Gabriel Tamura, Hausi A. Müller
Research Line:Situation-Aware, Self-Adaptive Software

Application and Preliminary Evaluation of the Feedback-Control Reference Model for Building Self-Adaptive Software.

The goal of this project is to evaluate this reference model by applying it to a case study. The analysis of the obtained results will give us important insights about the practical applicability of our reference model and to further improve it. The objective of the evaluation will be focused on the support that our model offers to (i) maintain the separation of concerns between the adaptation mechanism and the managed application software system; and (ii) the achievement of the continuous fulfillment of non-functional requirements under changing execution context.
Project Leader:Gabriel Tamura
Participants:Juan David Gómez, Lorena Castañeda
Research Line:Situation-Aware Self-Adaptive Software


Adaptive Context Management to Smarten Up User-Centric Web Applications in the Personal Web

This project focuses on the implementation of a prototype for a user-driven context management framework to discover personal context entities and enable the user in the dynamic integration of these entities into an e-commerce personal web sphere.
Project Leader:Norha M. Villegas
Participants:Gabriel Tamura, Juan Carlos Muñoz, Hausi Müller
Research Line:Situation-Aware Self-Adaptive Software, Software Architectures and Emerging Approaches

Feedback-Control Reference Architecture and Implementation for Building Self-Adaptive Applications.

This project was focused on to design and implement a reference architecture and corresponding functional proof-of-concept, inspired by control engineering, that makes explicit the crucial elements of feedback-loops, and with them, the feedback-loops themselves that are required for context-based self-adaptive software systems.
Project Leader:Gabriel Tamura
Participants:Cristophe Demarey, Lorena Castañeda
Research Line:Situation-Aware Self-Adaptive Software


Exploration of Dynamic Self-Adaptive Components in Model-Driven Software Product Lines for Service Oriented Applications

This project aims to contribute the search for solutions for these problems, focusing on the realization of automatic derivation of dynamic self-adaptive (context-aware) software products, based on Model Driven and Dynamic Service-Oriented Product Lines (MD-DSOPL).
The project will be developed about a particular case of study based on service oriented applications for mobile devices.
Project Leader:Gabriel Tamura
Research Line:Situation-Aware Self-Adaptive Software


Integration and Interoperability of Orders and Results of Clinical Laboratory Tests Using HL7 and Smart Cell Phones

The main purpose of this project is to increase the efficacy, efficiency and cost-opportunity, in human-health terms, of the healthcare and tracking of patients’ clinical state through the development of a comprehensive implementation of the proof-of-concept software system described in section 1, initially in the context of the Imbanaco Medical Center, and as a basis for the Colombian HL7 Laboratory Use Case Technical Committee. The proposed system should be able of sending alert notifications to medical doctors through smart cell phones via SMS, together with a web system for ordering these kinds of tests and for publishing their detailed results, as well as the corresponding patients’ state, accessible from smart cell phones through WAP or other HCIs (Human Computer Interfaces).
Project Leader:Gabriel Tamura
Participants:Norha Villegas, Mauricio Rodríguez, Diana Lorena Gómez, Juan Sebastián Botero, Harold Candelo, Carlos Guarín, Andrés Giraldo, Cristhian Cuenca, Andrés Espada, Fernando Portilla
Research Line:   Software for Medical Applications (inactive)