AMBA accreditation


AMBA – The Association of MBAs, an institution established in London in 1967 as an international authority that provides accreditation services to MBA programs with high-quality global standards, re-accredited the MBA at Universidad Icesi in January 2015, for five years more. This means that our graduate program meets global standards of high quality. 

Being accredited by the AMBA is a guarantee not only of quality, but also of the return on investment for students who can expect to see better compensation for their skills in the labor market. For our graduates, this accreditation represents the possibility of being a part of the largest global network of MBA professionals from top-tier universities around the world. The AMBA website provides outstanding opportunities for networking, for job offers, and for continuing education. Employers who are looking for the best managers and directors for their companies are aware that graduates from AMBA-accredited programs have received the most comprehensive education available.

» 225 business schools accredited worldwide » 34 in Latin America and Caribbean » 5 in Colombia »
» MBA at Universidad Icesi second program accredited in Colombia since 2010 »