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Cost-effectiveness of meglumine antimoniate versus miltefosine caregiver DOT for the treatment of pediatric cutaneous leishmaniasis

Publicado: Abril 2017

Autores: Brandon A. Berger, Alexandra Cossio, Nancy Gore Saravia, María del Mar Castro, Sergio Prada, Allison H. Bartlett, Mai T. Pho

Author summary: Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is a tropical parasitic disease transmitted by sand flies that causes chronic skin and mucosal ulcers. Current standard of care therapy requires patients to travel to a clinic for twenty consecutive days for injections of meglumine antimoniate (MA). This may represent an economic burden, particularly for patients living far from healthcare services, especially children and their caregivers. We performed mathematical modeling to compare costs of the standard of care treatment with costs of miltefosine, an equivalently efficacious oral medication that allows pediatric patients to be treated at home under trained supervision of a caregiver. In our model, miltefosine led to substantially lower costs for patients and only slightly higher costs to the healthcare system. Importantly, the cost to society (combined patient and healthcare system costs) was lower for miltefosine compared to MA. Treatment of pediatric CL with miltefosine in the patient’s home could decrease overall cost of treatment, while diminishing the barriers and cost burden on patients, their caregivers, and society.



costeD Cost-Effectiveness of the Quantification of Enzymatic Activity in Leukocytes in Comparison to Its Nonrealization for a Rare Disease in Latin America: The Case of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type II in Colombia

Publicado: Abril de 2016, Vakue ub Health Regional Issues 

Autores: Elizabeth Parody, Cesar A. Guevara, Andrés Aguirre, Paula M. Tello

Objetivo: Determinar el costo-efectividad de la medida de la I2S actividad enzimática en los leucocitos  sin  llevar a cabo la medición de la actividad enzimática para la confirmación del diagnóstico de MPS II desde la perspectiva del sistema de la salud en Colombia.