Sistemas & Telemática

Sistemas & Telemática (S&T)(ISSN 1692-5238) is a scientific periodical publication, with full text published in both, English and Spanish, quarterly edited by the Engineering Faculty of Icesi University.  Its mission is to contribute to the diffusion of innovation and knowledge through the publication of high - quality original articles related to research activities in systems engineering areas, in its widest sense, informatics, telematics, computing and other related sciences.

Its target audience includes engineers who develop their professional activity in Colombia, primarily those responsible for technology (Chief Information Officers) of outstanding corporations, professors and university students; and researchers and academic staff.  To ensure that its contribution is accessible to the Colombian university community, S&T gets to libraries of engineering schools in Colombia in a hard- copy format.  Additionally, it is available in electronic format and can be downloaded at

S&T is an open publication in its structure and editorial content.  Its scientific and editorial committees include extensive professional specialists, external to the institution, linked to prestigious corporations of the country and abroad.  Its content provides a balance between the production of authors linked to the institution, and that one of external authors. S&T is a free of charges publication for both, authors and readers.

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