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FIFA 18 - Icons: These are the new legends

FIFA 18 breaks with the tradition and creates the legends. Now the incredible footballers of the past are called icons or even icons and are accessible to all platforms. You can easily drag the icons into a pack and send them to the field. But what are the icons for FIFA 18?

Of course, not all icons have been announced FIFA 18 Coin generator hack yet, and we have to wait a little longer until we know what legends we have to use in the Ultimate Team. The trailer above tells you the first five. We will definitely stay on the ball and will share all the FIFA 18 Cheats news about the icons with you.

Oh yeah! FIFA 18 brings the icons Maradona into play.All icons at a glance

Xbox players already have a good overview of the previous legends. With Franz Beckenbauer, Lothar Matthäus and Paolo Maldini , they already ran across the football field. Now, the owners of a FIFA 18 Hack pieces Nintendo Switch, a PS4 and also PC players can look forward to the icons.


The following list lists all the icons you have already confirmed. The picture section below shows you all the FUT cards published so far. If you want to FIFA 17 Hack Coins see a selected map, just click on the link in the list. This leads you directly to the desired icons in the picture gallery.


By the way, there are three versions of each legend. Of course, they all have different values. How do you like the previous selection of legends at FIFA 18? Who would you like to be in the ranks of the fabulous, former footballers? Alessandro Nesta, FIFA 18 Cheats Ryan Giggs, Roberto Carlos, Patrick Kluivert should definitely be there, right?