Who Are We?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had far-reaching effects on education worldwide - and therefore of course on our lives as teachers and researchers. For over a year, educators have had to deal with entirely new ways of working with, even of relating to, both colleagues and students. Sitting rooms and bedrooms have been turned into workplaces and study centres, and huge adaptations have had to be made to working with technology. Even while our mobility has been radically curtailed, though, the global language has continued to exert its irresistible pull, and the global practice of English Language Teaching has continued to expand and develop, often in surprising and challenging ways.

The conference ‘TESOL Beyond’ offers opportunities to share practice and reflection on the new challenges for teaching and learning English as we look beyond the Covid-19 pandemic and towards the future. How did teachers deal with those radically changed teaching and learning environments? What educational gaps become evident during the pandemic and how did teachers' agency lead to transformations in the teaching of English in order to reduce them? What will the new scenarios for language teaching and learning look like, and how should we approach them?

The conference calls language teachers, administrators, language consultants, researchers, and policymakers to share and discuss a broad variety of ELT-related areas:

  • Educational gaps in language teaching and learning

  • ELT in the public school system. 

  • The Colombia Bilingue plan post-pandemic

  • Teacher training 

  • ICT for language learning

  • ELT policy and practice at the local and national level

  • EMI and the future for bilingual schools