Martha Ramirez

Martha Ramirez

National Speaker

Martha Ramirez is an English instructor in the Department of Languages and Culture of the Universidad de Los Andes. She has a bachelor's degree in foreign languages from the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and a master's degree in education from the Universidad de Los Andes. She is a master teacher at Flipped Learning Global Initiative-FLGI and one of the experts in both the Flipped Learning Level II course and the FLGI differentiation certification course. She was also the coordinator of Electronic Village Online-EVO and virtual moderator of the Flipped Learning session since 2016. Martha has participated in several flipped learning projects nationally and internationally including La Universidad de Los Andes, Universidad Externado, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Ecuador and the University of Oregon. Currently, Martha is part of the research group of Bilingualism and Multilingualism at Los Andes undergoing research in Growth Mindset where she applies flipped learning as part of her research projects.

Flipped learning and mindset: teaching reflections in pandemic times

>Everybody has a fixed and a growth mindset. When we are faced with challenges, one or the other pop up to tell us we will get through them or that we will fail. In this presentation, Martha Ramirez will present the dichotomy of the fixed and growth mindset within our various educator beliefs along with the role flipped learning has played during pandemic teaching. Martha will share reflections, experiences, and strategies that have emerged when confronted with her own mindset during confinement.