Gloria Aranzazu

Length of program

9 semesters and 1 semester of work placement

Investment (semester)

$ 8.520.000 COP

Our Focus

The Bachelor in Foreign Languages with an English Concentration at Universidad ICESI proposes trained and skilled professionals who are highly sensitive to their social responsibilities in regards to equality, justice, and integration. Similarly, they will develop high fluency in the English language through permanent practice, as well as, skills to assess own learning while working with others. Also, they will develop effective research skills, technological repertoire management, fluency in Spanish, mathematical reasoning, and ethical and aesthetical sense.

Institutional Accreditation

In 2015, the Ministry of National Education extended ICESI University the High-Quality Institutional Accreditation until 2021. This, in recognition to the University´s ongoing commitment in maintaining high standards of quality in the development of the functions of training, research and social outreach, as well as, administrative support work within the region and the country.

Why study Foreign Languages with an English concentration at ICESI

  • Based on statistics (ICFES), Icesi students have the highest level of language proficiency in English, in the country. This shows the intensity of Universidad ICESI ´s effort in the development of the students´ oral skills (written and spoken) towards reaching C1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).
  • ICESI ´s model (active learning) ranks at the top in the country as it serves as the basis in the training of its students towards nurturing knowledge, based on study, experience, and practice.
  • Students will complete training practices starting the second semester where they will apply the concepts learned and develop skills through practice in real environments.
  • The program has a high-themed technology component towards implementing teaching-learning strategies leading to teaching-learning innovation.
  • The program offers its students the opportunity to live an international experience to strengthen, increase their language fluency.

Candidate Profile

The student aiming to become a graduate of Foreign Languages with an English Concentration at ICESI is creative and has humanist thought, as well as, high critical-thinking skills. Also, the aspiring student should be autonomous and will apply the teaching-learning experience towards advancement in the academic and research processes.

Graduate Profile

The graduate of Bachelor in Foreign Languages with an English concentration is a professional in education with a high level of proficiency in the language that sees language as a product and sustenance of cultures.

The graduate is be able to communicate in English at a C1 level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

The graduate will design learning experiences that will enable students to recognize, respect, and value the different cultural contexts in which languages are lived. Also, the graduate student will develop teamwork strategies to combine different areas of knowledge.

Fields of Action

Graduates of Bachelor in Foreign Languages with an English concentration will be able to perform as:

  • Educators in the public/private sector
  • Coordinators in the English field
  • Educators at language centers
  • Directors of bilingualism themed projects
  • Private educators teaching English
  • School directors
  • Managers of pedagogical projects in teaching English
Formation lines
  • Idioms
  • Disciplinary expertise
  • Job
  • Science and humanities
  • Citizenship