Maristela Cardona Abrego

Length of program

9 semesters and 1 semester of work placement

Investment (semester)

$ 8.510.000 COP

Our Focus

The Bachelor in Natural Sciences at ICESI University aims at the comprehensive training of professionals with scientific and pedagogical principles, as well as, with knowledge that will allow the graduate to design, plan, research, and participate in educational projects, develop attitudes and guide students in values to nurture a respect for life and its surroundings, and consolidate proposals that will improve the educational system in national and international level in the field of teaching natural science.

Institutional Accreditation

In 2015, the Ministry of National Education extended ICESI University the High-Quality Institutional Accreditation until 2021. This, in recognition to the University´s ongoing commitment in maintaining high standards of quality in the development of the functions of training, research and social outreach, as well as, administrative support work within the region and the country.

Why study Natural Sciences at ICESI

  • Graduates of the Natural Sciences Program understand of the complexity and global aspect of the current reality through the construction of a scientific and technological culture.
  • Graduates develop methodologies based on scientific questioning, creativity, critical and reasoned judgement in each project for civic training.
  • Our graduates contribute to the development of the ability to learn science and the implications of this learning in daily life for a better integration in social environment.
  • Graduates of the Natural Sciences Program Possibility have international experience and meet other educational environments related to natural science.
  • Our graduates continue graduate level training abroad, thanks to the high quality-standards of the program and the high qualification of a foreign language such as English.
  • Graduates of the Natural Sciences Program pursue graduate studies at ICESI through the Masters in Education with a Concentration in Natural Science.
  • Our graduates participate in public policymaking towards the development of natural science. Graduates of this program participate in research projects related to teaching and learning issues of natural science.
  • Our future graduates start internships after the first semester.
  • Complete training internships starting during the second semester.
  • Graduates of the Natural Sciences Program own and design learning strategies with the use of technology and digital resource production for educational innovation.

Candidate Profile

The program is addressed to students with and with an interest in the student aiming to become a graduate of Bachelor in Natural Sciences at ICESI should have a high academic level and be interested in developing skills, attitudes and values that nurture respect toward their surroundings, as well as, research in different scenarios in natural and environmental sciences. Also, the aspiring students should be creative and innovative in order to apply what is learned and lead transformative academic and research processes related to the teaching and learning of Natural Science in educational institutions.

Graduate Profile

The graduate of Bachelor in Natural Sciences will be an education professional with solid knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics, able to lead student training in the understanding of natural processes and their relationship with society. The graduate will also be sensitive to the surroundings towards the conservation and sustainability of ecosystems, as well as, the transformation for full use, and improvement of the quality of life.

Fields of Action

Graduates of Bachelor in Natural Sciences will be able to perform as:

  • Directors for similar academic projects.
  • Educators in the fields of natural sciences.
  • Consultants for Institutional education projects in related fields.
  • School administrators.
  • Managers in education policy in the field of natural science
  • School directors
  • Coordinators for research projects in Natural Sciences and interdisciplinary teams.


Formation lines
  • Idioms
  • Disciplinary expertise
  • Job
  • Science and humanities
  • Citizenship