Maristela Cardona Abrego

Length of program

9 semesters and 1 semester of work placement

Investment (semester)

$ 8.520.000 COP

Our Focus

The Bachelor in Foreign Languages with an English Concentration at Universidad ICESI proposes trained and skilled professionals who are highly sensitive to their social responsibilities in regards to equality, justice, and integration. Similarly, they will develop high fluency in the English language through permanent practice, as well as, skills to assess own learning while working with others. Also, they will develop effective research skills, technological repertoire management, fluency in Spanish, mathematical reasoning, and ethical and aesthetical sense.

Institutional Accreditation

In 2015, the Ministry of National Education extended ICESI University the High-Quality Institutional Accreditation until 2021. This, in recognition to the University´s ongoing commitment in maintaining high standards of quality in the development of the functions of training, research and social outreach, as well as, administrative support work within the region and the country.

Why study Spanish Language and Literature at ICESI

  • Graduates of the Spanish Language and Literature Program have skills in the handling and use of linguistics and literature, assuming language and the mother-tongue as processes that generate meaning and sense in the different kinds of discourse-text.
  • The Bachelor of Literature and Spanish Language has the pedagogical commitment to educational innovation, research orientation, and interdisciplinarity.
  • Graduates will be able to articulate literary and humanist training with knowledge of research methods grounded in social sciences and language didactics.
  • Graduates will have the possibility to participate in public policies that promote and develop reading, writing, and speech processes through communicative situations or situations in which the issues of the human condition are addressed in literature.
  • Graduates of the Spanish Language and Literature Program design learning strategies mediated by technology and digital resource production towards educational innovation.

Candidate Profile

The student aiming to become a graduate of Bachelor in Spanish Language and Literature at ICESI should be identified by a keen interest in the fields of communication, literature, and education, and be someone with a previously developed reading habit who values aesthetical aspects and the poetic and rhetoric capabilities of language and other expressive systems. Also, the future professional should be interested in the exploration of the diverse dimensions of the human condition through multiple types of discourse productions.

On the other hand, the aspiring student must be curious, oriented to research, to the search of empirical textual evidence and extracted from the framework of social interaction, and to the establishment of judgements supported on that evidence. In addition, the aspiring student should be autonomous the knowledge-building processes, with the ability to teamwork, and gifted with a restless, respectful, and propositional attitude.

Graduate Profile

The graduate of Bachelor in Spanish Language and Literature at Universidad Icesi is a professional in education who can identify and pay special attention to the linguistic, cognitive, aesthetical, affective, and social development in children. This knowledge will allow the graduate to create experiences for the learning and development of communicative, scientific, expressive, social, and emotional skills through the integration of pedagogy, curricular, didactic, psychological, disciplinary, and research knowledge.

Fields of Action

Graduates of Bachelor in Spanish Language and Literature will be able to perform as:

  • School directors.
  • Coordinators/Educators in the field of Spanish Language and Literature.
  • Directors of academic projects related to language and literature.
  • Researchers that develop innovative proposals in relation to the most significant and pertinent issues for the development of language, literature, and educational administration.
  • Managers in processes that foster reading, writing, and literature in formal and informal educational contexts.
  • Managers in pedagogical projects for reading, writing, and literature in different educational contexts.
  • Program and project design consultants for the incorporation of Spanish language and literature in educational and culturally formative institutions.
  • Consultants in editorial processes and in the development of public policies that promote reading in cultural spaces.
Formation lines
  • Idioms
  • Disciplinary expertise
  • Job
  • Science and humanities
  • Citizenship