Why study a master's degree in education?

Teacher training policies seek to make pedagogical and didactic processes an indispensable resource for meaningful, active and empowering learning. Teachers fill a special place in education processes. They represent a factor of quality because they are responsible for guiding and accompanying their students in the construction of knowledge. Furthermore, they share the responsibility for educating people to become good citizens, critical subjects, individuals capable of solving common problems in complex social environments, actors whose capacity for action allows them to intervene in processes of change and improvement, individuals with a great spirit of solidarity, who are open-minded, tolerant and respectful to the environment and of cultural differences.

All of the above acquires greater significance when we consider that knowledge is the raw material of contemporary society; therefore, educational spaces are summoned to promote the most favorable conditions for students to access knowledge actively and become actors of the current society.

In this sense, Universidad ICESI is a pioneer in the adoption and implementation of an educational model that is based on making students the protagonists of their training process, and where professors design learning experiences and act as motivating guides and evaluators of the process. Our experience and results in the design and implementation of active learning educational strategies assure us that we are traveling the right path to stimulate individual, autonomous and permanent learning, and motivate us and enable us to share with the educational community the philosophy, strategy and achievements of our conception of learning.