Why a Master’s Program in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language?

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You will be in a better position to comply with Law 115 of 1994, and the National Bilingualism Plan 2004 – 2019, decreed by the National Ministry of Education, the aim of which is for students at all levels of education to possess good English communication skills.

Through advanced theoretical and practical training, you will become a more critical and self-critical teacher, as well as more innovative and creative in the implementation and use of a variety of processes and techniques used in the English classroom. You will be better prepared to interpret the problems and needs of your students as individuals, groups and communities in learning English as a foreign language. Upon completion of your master’s program, you will be able to design policies and programs for the teaching of English.

Being aware of what is involved in the teaching of English as a foreign language, you will become a natural leader for processes of its improvement in your institution through teamwork with your colleagues.

Foreign Language Department support

Icesi’s Foreign Language Department was created in 1987 offering one course of general English to two undergraduate programs. Today, the Department offers its services to over 2600 students from all 26 undergraduate programs. By the time our students complete the 8-level English Program, they will have reached a proficiency level of B1-B2 according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Moreover, the Department offers courses in Mandarin, Portuguese, Italian, French and German, and the over 580 students enrolled in these courses will achieve a proficiency level of A2 level according to the CEFR.

From the moment the Foreign Language Department was selected by the Ministry of Education to participate in its project “Red Curriculum Lingua”, along with other eight Colombian Universities in the country that have received the “Certificación de Alta Calidad”, it has played an active role in the accompaniment of five Higher Education Institutions in their effort to raise the quality of their English Programs.

For the past years the Department has offered the Icesi’s Active Camp to the local community during the summer. The Active Camp is aimed at offering children ages 3-12 an unforgettable experience during their vacation from school. In the Active Camp, children have the opportunity to be immersed in the English language while they learn and practice English.

As it occurs every year, ICFES grants a research program to 3 universities from around the country. The University prepared and submitted a proposal on the added valued that higher education institutions offer their students in the process of learning English, which was accepted and is being sponsored by ICFES.

As part of the research projects developed by the University and the Foreign Language Department topics such as the added value that higher education institutions offer their students in the process of learning English, psychological and sociological factors related to foreign language learning, impact evaluation of teacher development programs, among others have been studied.

The Department also provides teacher training courses for public school teachers from Cali, as part of its participation in the “Mesa de Bilingüismo de Cali”.

A foreign language teaching conference is held every other year at the University.