School of Business Administration

Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences


The professors and collaborators of the School of Management are committed to the comprehensive education of competent leaders, who contribute to the sustainable development of society. The excellence of the learning processes has led to the graduates of our undergraduate and graduate programs being ranked in the highest decile of universities in Colombia, in terms of their average income and professional development. Our research published in highly ranked, international, scientific publications positively impacts management knowledge. Another noteworthy contribution is the consultancy undertaken by our professors in order to improve the competitiveness of organizations.

We are among the best business schools in the world, as certified by the AACSB accreditation obtained by the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences, to which the School of Management belongs. This Accreditation was obtained in 2014 and renewed in 2019; it is a source of pride and a commitment to continuous learning to keep up with the state of the art of education associated with the fields of marketing and management.


Our Focus

We train managers and entrepreneurs who are characterized by their strategic and innovative thinking, their global perspective and their ethical behavior.

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Competitiveness and Marketing in Organisations (Colciencias code: COL0001585)

It contributes to increasing the productivity of large Colombian companies and SMEs, designing methodologies and formulating strategies and recommendations that allow them to better use their resources.

Group leader: Ivan Sanchez M. Ph.D.

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