Dr. Cesar A. Guevara

Length of program

10 semesters and 1 internship year

Investment (semester)

$ 23.630.000

Our focus

The Medicine program seeks the integral formation of its students, based on an education centered on the balance between the strengthening of autonomy, the development of capacities and competencies, which transcend professional contents, and a formation in values, within the framework of the pedagogical proposal of the Universidad Icesi, based on active learning.

The characteristics of the Program are consistent with global and local trends in vocational training, so that, among other sources, similar programs from the most prestigious universities in the world are used as references for the periodic process of reviewing and updating the curriculum.

The Medicine Program of the Universidad Icesi has established the following aspects as differentiating elements with respect to the other programs in the region:

  • Strengthening of generic competencies and capacities through the participation of students in core curriculum courses.
  • Adoption and consolidation of a quality humanized culture in our students
  • Balance in the exposure to scenarios of low complexity with scenarios of high diagnostic and technological complexity.
  • Acquisition and strengthening of research-oriented competencies.

The medicine curriculum was structured to train doctors with the highest skill in diagnosing, solving, and researching diseases. Additionally, the curriculum design includes, from the first semester, biomedical subjects related to the major.

In clinical rotations, students have the opportunity to ask questions and conduct physical examinations on patients, participate in medical rounds, attend academic activities for FVL and other hospital institutions, and conduct procedures under professor supervision.

From the first semesters, students have access to internships with advanced simulation models, to facilitate learning basic medical sciences.

Specialist and subspecialist doctors of FVL participate in the teaching process from the first semester of the major, to give the student a clinical focus from the beginning of his or her training.

From the fourth semester, students begin some internships at the Fundación Valle del Lili foundation with the Semiology course (study of disease signs and symptoms) and from the sixth semester, they spend most of their time at the foundation and other health institutions, rotating through each of the medical specialties and subspecialties.

Universidad Icesi, through its agreements with national and international universities and other health institutions, provides clinical rotation development in other hospital centers with high academic level and superior assistance and international academic experiences.

Among the universities assessment Saber Pro 2015 Tests, ICES’s Medicine Program was rated number one in the region and 5 top in the country.


chulo acreditacion2The Ministry of National Education, based on the recommendation of the National Accreditation Council (CNA), conferred the High Quality Accreditation to the Medicine program for six years through resolution 008348/ 09 Aug 2019.

The Ministry of Education, the National Accreditation Council and external peers highlighted strengths of the program such as the relevance of the program to respond to the needs of the environment, the culture of continuous improvement, the comprehensiveness, flexibility and interdisciplinarity of the curriculum, the existence of additional experiences that allow the interaction of the student with the national and international work environments and the outstanding results in the Saber Pro tests.

With Regard to the Medicine program, the academic peers highlighted the research projects with social projection that are carried out with the participation of professors and students of the program, the prestige of the graduates, who are recognized in the field for the quality of the training received and their good professional performance, the low annual dropout rate compared to the national average, the existence of various scenarios for the development of training practices in health, the bibliographic, computer and infrastructure resources that support the training process.

This accreditation means that our students achieve a level of competencies that allows them to successfully perform as doctors in various levels and types of care, and also have the confidence that they are receiving a quality medical education relevant to the realities of the country in a program that seeks at all times to improve their processes and provide all necessary resources for the best medical training.

This achievement of the accreditation of High Quality for six years is very important since it is given in the framework of the celebration of the 10 years of creation of the program that begin to commemorate from this month and it is an evidence of the consolidation of its processes of self-evaluation and continuous improvement.

¿Why study medicine at Icesi?

Objective of the Program

Today, preserving and restoring all or part of health is a primary duty of the State and a fundamental right of citizens. Therefore, the principle that guides the training of medical professionals at the Universidad Icesi is the commitment of its graduates to the preservation and restoration of the health of citizens, taking into consideration the scientific advances, principles and values of the patient and the communities, as well as the normative and regulatory framework that governs the Social Security System in Health in Colombia. In this sense, the Program conceives that its ultimate goal is to contribute to the well-being of all citizens. As an educational sector entity, the Program is aware that this is achieved through the training of professionals with the best capacities and ethical values.

Candidate profile

The aspiring medical student at Ucesi University shall be a person with interest in science, active, with enthusiasm and critical. Shall have a high concentration ability, able to do team work and skilled to adequately communicate his/her opinions.

In addition, he/she shall be a person with high sense of respect, solidarity and responsibility for human beings. Usually the aspiring student is attracted by scientific knowledge of different human body biological processes and is curious to learn about mechanisms and causes of diseases.

Graduate profile

Graduates of the Medicine program can perform the profession with excellence as general doctors in clinics and hospitals, including institutions with high levels of complexity and technology.

Fields of action

The Doctor of Universidad Icesi can:


Formation lines
  • Languages
  • Disciplinary expertise
  • Professional expertise
  • Science and humanities
  • Citizenship