Specialization in Cardiology

Why study a Specialization in Cardiology?

Heart diseases are the main cause of morbidity and mortality in older persons and are becoming an important cause of morbidity and mortality in young adults, which demands a higher number of professionals that possess an excellent level of skills for this kind of care.

Training medical specialists in Cardiology seeks to improve the quality of care in patients with heart disease, through prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment. Advancements in diagnostic methods and therapeutic interventions in this specialty have allowed to improve conditions and increase the life expectancy of these patients.


Especialista en Cardiología

Length of program

2 years

Tuition cost (semester)

$ 13.530.000 COP


Dr. Darío Hernando Cobo Medina


Dr. Noel Alberto Flórez Alarcón

Candidate Profile

Intern doctor with the skill and motivation to train as a clinician, researcher, and teacher in the area of cardiology and its various subspecializations.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the Cardiology Specialization program will have the competences to: clinically manage patients with cardiological diseases, hospitalized patients and outpatients (patient care) in a comprehensive manner; exercise ethically, respecting the autonomy and dignity of the patient (professionalism); communicate with, support and direct the patient, his/her family and the medical and paramedical team; exercise their medical practice according to the guidelines and legislation of the Colombian health system; and do clinical-epidemiological research.

Institutional Accreditation

In the Resolution, the Ministry states: "It has been shown that Universidad Icesi has achieved sufficient quality levels so that, in accordance with the norms that govern the matter, this fact is publicly recognized through a formal act of institutional accreditation". We are the first private university in southwestern Colombia to obtain the highest recognition of quality provided by the Colombian Government. This is a recognition of the quality of the academic programs, their operation and the fulfillment of the social function of the university. Universidad Icesi was accredited in May 2010 by the Ministry of Education through the National Accreditation Committee (CNA), making it the first accredited private university in Cali and the region. In the Resolution, the Ministry states: "It has been demonstrated that Universidad Icesi has achieved sufficient quality levels so that, in accordance with the rules that govern the matter, this fact is publicly recognized through a formal act of institutional accreditation".

Icesi and the Fundación Valle del Lili

The Fundación Valle del Lili and Universidad Icesi have become allies through an agreement that has been called: a deep alliance for life. With this agreement the region is strengthened by the union of two well reputed institutions, which will now work together for the well-being and the health of people and for maintaining a leadership position thanks to their constant advances in the academic, social, humanistic and scientific fields. The Fundación Valle del Lili is the university hospital with the best conditions, both in terms of infrastructure, human resources and technology, and it will provide clinical training and medical practice to future students. This alliance allows both institutions to establish a synergy in all their activities, through coordination for work, preservation of excellence in performance, already widely recognized in both institutions, and consolidates the social projection of both institutions in one of the most important sectors for the community - health. For both institutions this agreement is a strategic step. Scholarship support to resident doctors is an internal process of the Fundación Valle del Lili, whose process will be informed in a timely manner to those who are admitted.

Duration and Methodology


The program has a duration of 2 years with exclusive focus and full time. The student will attend from Monday to Friday, or Saturday, depending on the rotation, and will fill night and weekend shifts in the adult Intensive Care Unit.


The methodology used to develop skills in doctors of this specialization is based according to the educational project proposed by University Icesi and the Fundación Valle del Lili foundation with  active learning using the following strategies:

  • PBL (problem-based learning)
  • Journals club (critical reading of publications and medicine based on evidence)
  • Hospital education medical review
  • Outpatient clinic assistance
  • Discussion of difficult cases
  • Evaluation of patients with heart diseases handled in Intensive Care
  • Rotation through different subspecializations in cardiology, both invasive and non-invasive methods
  • Multidisciplinary medical meetings
  • Permanent updating in American and European guidebooks for cardiovascular diseases

The above is achieved through the education-service University Icesi - university hospital Fundación Valle del Lili Foundation, according to which, doctors at the Foundation follow the learning of students in the specialty directly interacting with patients and hospital cases.



To train highly qualified cardiologists with the highest human, ethical, and scientific qualities. Pursuant to the pedagogical model at University Icesi, and with the Fundación Valle del Lili foundation, the Cardiology program aims to train independent specialists, capable of learning on their own, of analyzing and synthesizing, with critical thinking and that are also able to formulate and develop research projects.

Degree granted

University Icesi confers the degree of Specialist in Cardiology to  whoever satisfactorily complete all the program requirements.