Why does the Master’s Degree in Social and Political Studies have a research focus?

To guarantee the development of the potential offered by the southwestern region of Colombia, it is indispensable to achieve a significant improvement in the theoretical, methodological and comprehension competences of people trained in social sciences in the region. The master's degree is an ideal academic space for the improvement of these competences allowing the training of professionals dedicated to the production of new knowledge and guaranteeing the continuity and progress in the intellectual, technical and scientific development of the students. This academic space oriented by active learning strategies and with a multidisciplinary approach favors the understanding and critical discussion of different contemporary socio-political processes and structural problems that afflict our society in both local and global contexts. In this way, our master's program provides students with not only the necessary elements to undertake high-quality processes in research, human resource training and advice, but also fundamental competencies to continue their learning throughout life.

The Master's program in Social and Political Studies is supported by the Department of Social Studies and the Department of Political Studies at Universidad Icesi, which have a group of professors with an interdisciplinary teaching and research perspective, in the different areas of knowledge of social and political sciences. This support is further strengthened by the experience in research and intellectual production of the Nexos and Precedente research groups and the following centers:

Centro de Estudios Interdisciplinarios, Jurídicos, Sociales y Humanistas (CIES), which consolidates interdisciplinary research work on legal, social and humanistic issues, and contributes to the understanding and solution of problems of regional, national and international interest.

Centro de Estudios Afrodiaspóricos (CEAF), which promotes innovation, research, teaching and public intervention in aspects related to the stories, cultures, policies and intellectual production of the African diaspora.

Centro de Recursos para el Aprendizaje (CREA), which supports the academic departments of the university in the review, adjustment and innovation of pedagogies and didactics used by teachers, for the realization of the university’s educational project.

Valle Visible (regional chapter of Congreso Visible), which is part of a network of observatories, dedicated to the systematic monitoring and analysis of the Congress of the Republic.

Grupo de Acciones Públicas Icesi (GAPI), whose purpose is the use of legal resources to defend the right to health and social inclusion of vulnerable populations.

Laboratorio Etnográfico, which seeks to strengthen the research training of students through the experience of field work, as a determining pedagogical process in the appropriation of anthropological sensibility and vision.

Laboratorio de Procesos Transnacionales, an academic space dedicated to the study of the different transnational dynamics from a Colombian perspective.

Scholarships: To attract outstanding students, Universidad Icesi and the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences offer two types of scholarships. The first is a grant covering up to 90% of the tuition fees. The tuition fees will be waived when the student meets the requirements for successful completion of the program and the publication of articles, as per the relevant internal regulations of the university. The second possibility is that of a scholarship contract, subject to a rigorous selection process, in which he/she will work at the university providing research, academic or pedagogical training support. The fee waiver does not extend to the registration fee, the Procultura tax, or the graduation fee.