Program Director

Dr. José Luis Jurado

Length of program

9 semesters and 1 internship semester

Investment (semester)

$ 11.570.000 COP

Our approach

Software Systems Engineering

Software Systems Engineering is one top paying careers in the world, with great national and international projection. Besides, this program gives you the opportunity to lead solutions to the major challenges of humanity.

The icesi's systems engineer is a key player in the digital transformation of society. You can apply your knowledge in areas such as large-scale software development, artificial intelligence, data analytics. Our program enhances your personal skills to build software applications and environments that we have not yet imagined.

About the Accreditation

The quality of our education is accredited by national and international organizations.

International Accreditation: ABET

Logo Acreditación ABET

The Software Systems Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, ABET is one of the most important accrediting commission for engineering programs in the world. This accreditation was the result of a rigorous evaluation of the academic quality of the program, and must be renewed periodically. Once you become an icesi Software Systems Engineer you will be recognized as a professional with the same quality of any software engineer in the United States. Our program was the first to receive the Software Systems Engineering  accreditation in Colombia.

This accreditation ratifies the quality of the engineering programs at Universidad Icesi and certifies that they have implemented an effective and sustainable measurement process and quality improvement, and also, that they have faculty of the highest level in their academic departments and educate students in fundamentals of mathematics and science, in advanced engineering topics and in the so-called soft skills such as oral and written communication and teamwork, following the best practices of engineering education and taking into account for the design of their curriculums the trends of the increasingly dynamic industry.

Why is this accreditation important for systems engineers?

  • You will have easier access to job opportunities and scholarships abroad, because it facilitates the international recognition of your degree and the obtaining of professional certifications.
  • Guarantees the international projection of your engineering education. You study at Icesi and you can work anywhere in the world.
  • Guarantees the sustainable quality of the program: continuous improvement, teachers of the highest level, updated courses, laboratories and physical resources in accordance with international standards. 

National accreditation of the program

Since 2002, the Program has been accredited by the high quality accreditation council (CNA) of the Ministry of National Education. This accreditation was obtained through a voluntary process that includes verification and review by academic peers and indicates that a university program meets the quality standards established by the  Ministry of National Education. This accreditation is also renewed periodically.

National accreditation of the 

High-Quality Institutional Accreditation of the whole institution is a recognition of Icesi's permanent commitment for maintaining high quality standards in its training, research and social extension. In December 2021 the Ministry of National Education renewed this distinction for 8 years. 

Why to study Software Systems Engineering at Universidad Icesi

Studying Sofware Systems Engineering at Icesi goes beyond simply learning a set of technologies that will soon be obsolete, or receiving knowledge that you do not know how to apply in the real world. Icesi allows you to learn through projects with companies and real users to keep you up with the changing technology industry. As a icesi Software systems engineer you can make a difference in every project you lead, you can empower yourself and your team members, and can reinvent yourself whenever necessary.

  • Thanks to the ABET accreditation, your professional title will be internationally recognized as "Software Systems Engineer". Your job market will be the world. The focus of our program is on Software Engineering.
  • Our courses and learning strategies are designed based on the best practices in engineering education recommended by (Conceiving, Designing,Implementing, Operating) CDIO, as well as universities such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford.
  • The employability of our graduates is 100% and their salaries are among the highest in the country, even after their internship semester.
  • Our study plan has a unique way of training you as a system engineer who not only knows how to build software systems, but also manages to articulate these solutions to the strategic missions of organizations. If you wish, the education you will receive at Icesi will allow you to become an entrepreneur.
  • You will have opportunities to obtain scholarships for certification programs in technologies that are trending in the industry.
  • The Program has advanced laboratories, at the forefront of the technological needs of the national and international industry.
  • Icesi's Systems Engineering students rank first regionally and in the first three places nationally in the Saber Pro tests. In the specific software design test, they are always in first or second place in the national ranking.
  • Icesi's educational model guarantees that you will also be an engineer with excellent communication skills in English and Spanish, teamwork, and solid ethical and social values.
  • Icesi and the Faculty of Engineering have excellent academic and psychosocial support programs. You will not be alone during your time at the University. A highly qualified team of professors and other professionals will accompany you whenever you need it.
  • You will have many opportunities to improve your communication skills in English, for example, through subjects in the curriculum that are partially or completely in English.
  • Integration with master's degrees from the Faculty of Engineering at Universidad Icesi. You will be able to advance master's level credits during your undergraduate studies, so that you can complete your graduate program in less time

Program Educational Objectives

Within the first years of graduation, graduates of the Software Systems Engineering program of Universidad Icesi will be able to:

Student Outcomes

These outcomes cover the knowledge, skills and abilities required for our students to attain the program’s PEOs within a few years after graduation. We adjusted the writing of some outcomes to make them closer to the computing and software engineering discipline. However, all of them maintain a direct correspondence with the outcomes defined by ABET. 

Each of SOs for the SSE program is defined as an ability to: 

  1. Identify, formulate, and solve complex engineering problems by applying critical thinking and the principles of science, mathematics, engineering, and, in particular, computing and software engineering.
  2. Design software-based solutions and processes that meet specific needs and generate value to users, by considering public health, safety, and people’s welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors.
  3. Communicate effectively orally and written, both in Spanish and English.
  4. Recognize their ethical and professional responsibilities as engineers, and make informed judgments by considering the impact of computing and software engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental and social contexts.
  5. Function effectively in a team, whose members collectively provide leadership, create a collaborative and inclusive environment, set goals, plan tasks, and accomplish objectives, while adapting to changing situations.
  6. Develop and conduct experiments, as well as analyze and interpret data to generate conclusions from judgments based on engineering principles.
  7. Autonomously learn and apply new knowledge as needed, by using appropriate learning strategies.

Starting with the next 2023-1 measurement cycle, in addition to the seven student outcomes that are compliant with ABET requeriments, the program defines outcomes eight and nine that cover disciplinary competencies not covered by outcomes 1 to 7.

  1. Innovation and entrepreneurship: Skill for proposing novel, viable, feasible, and desirable solutions in response to a market need, and then validating the possible implementation of the resulting value proposition including the effective communication of such implementation.
  2. Deploy and put into operation the developed software solutions.

Graduate Profile

Icesi’s Software Systems Engineers are recognized for being very professional, autonomous, innovators, flexible, critical thinkers, ethical and committed to the welfare of society. For this, the program is committed to a continuous improvement process that seeks to ensure that students develop, among others, the outcomes proposed by ABET These outcomes cover the knowledge, skills and abilities required for our graduates to attain the program’s educational objectives, and are listed as follows:

Our numbers

In this space you will find information on the total number of students enrolled each semester in the Software Systems Engineering program, as well as the number of graduates for the last five year.

The complete list of courses in the Program’s curriculum is available here .

Each semester, the Program offers several courses in English. To obtain further details about courses available in English for a particular semester, please contact Dr. Norha Villegas, Director of the SSENg Program:

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