Colciencias extended the Center of Excellence in Big Data and Analytics (CAOBA) contract for 2018

In December of 2017, Colciencias signed the extension of the contract for maintaining CAOBA, the Center of Excellence in Big Data and Analytics, until December 2018. Icesi University is part of CAOBA since its conception in 2016.

Icesi has participated in the development of several projects of CAOBA:

  1. Market-basket analysis, for Grupo Nutresa.
  2. Financial communities, for Grupo Bancolombia.
  3. District capital taxes, for DNP/SDH Bogotá.

Currently, Icesi is formulating a project for analyzing costs and potential frauds in the health system, based on Mipres records, which would be partially funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IBD or BID by its initials in Spanish).

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