“With great power comes great responsibility” Ben Parker

During MATILEO´S English day, students have shared their insights on their new start at the university. Meeting new friends, getting to know some of the teachers, and socializing came at the top of their priorities. This, according to them, helped them gain new acquaintances for when the time to enter the University comes.  Maria Galeano stated that thanks to MATILEO, she has made some friends, she now knows that she´s not alone in this, that we are all in this together.


There are high expectations regarding our University, teachers and classes. Students expressed their excitement towards this new stage in their lives. As stated by Isabella Garcia “University is the most beautiful and happiest moment of your life”. Distance learning is as an opportunity for a new start, and even though they are a bit nervous about it, they are ready to take on the challenges: new routines, responsibilities, strategies, tools and ways of learning. “I don’t mind that it will be via Zoom, I will study Communications and I am ready to make my dreams come true”, another student stated”.

Faculty seems to have made a very good first impression. Teachers welcoming attitude and the assorted nature of activities have led to the beginning of a great teacher-student connection.  Catalina Giraldo shared her opinion on this matter, “My expectations of my first day at University were that I was going to be able to explore the whole campus, but now that it is not possible, I think it will still be nice because the teachers have been so friendly”. Tatiana Vargas also commented “A very good first impression, making good friends, meeting all my teachers, and living new experiences”.


On the other hand, improving their English skills and testing out their abilities with different tasks has been important for them throughout MATILEO English sessions. They were able to achieve the latter by communicating with their newfound peers, their first time anecdotes. Stories in which they listened each other’s embarrassing, profound, and funny experiences. Definitely, friends served as the basis for improving their self-confidence and communication in the foreign language. Joselyn Pérez added that she is really excited to learn English and being able to carry conversations with her friends in English. 


To sum up, despite fears and uncertainty, students have high expectations to start this first semester virtually. They are ready to start making history one student at a time. They have shown that they a have positive attitude and an open mind for what’s to come.  Remote learning is seen as a temporary stage and opportunity from which they will come out as better, stronger learners.

Alex Abril
Silvia Juliana Castro

Special thanks to: Laura Sofía Gutiérrez Martínez, Nathali Jimenez Quiroga, Laura Reyes Dussán, Natalia Plata Ayala, Lesly Tatiana Angel, Johan Sebastian Valencia Diaz, JuanDavid Jaramillo Manzano, Jose Gabriel Rico Pinzón, Valeria Charry Hurtado, Maria Paula Riaño, Enrique Charry Hurtado, Axel Zapata, Daniela Idarraga, Karen Bustamante, Juan Sebastián Cardona, Juan Camilo Martínez, Valeria González, Samuel Díaz, Gabriela Sarria, Luisa Zúñigas; who helped creating this report