Board of directors

Vicente Jesús Borrero Restrepo
Ph.D. in Public Health form Harvard University (1972) and medical surgeon form Universidad del Valle. He was Finance Secretary in Valle del Cauca, Santiago de Cali mayor and current general director of Fundación Valle del Lili.
Francisco Piedrahita
Bachelor in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de los Andes in Bogota and a master in Sciences, Industrial Engineering and Research from the University of Pittsburgh in the United Stated. He has worked in the Organización Carvajal where he was delegated important tasks both in Colombia and abroad, being the President of Sycom S.A. his last title. He has been the Director of Universidad Icesi since 1996.
Gustavo Moreno
Lawyer from the Universidad de San Buenaventura and Economist from University of Virginia, he has had experience in both the public and private finance. He has served as President of Banco Central Hipotecario, General Director of Public Credit in the Finance Ministry, Cartón de Colombia Finance VP, amongst others. He is a member of the Board of Directors at Universidad Icesi, Alimentos Toning, and Proyectos de Infraestructura S.A. PISA. Currently he is manager at GM Consultores.
Alfredo Carvajal Sinisterra
Entrepreneur with experience in both the private and public sector. He is the former mayor of Cali, as well as the former president of Ecopetrol and Carvajal S.A. He has studies in Economics and Administration in Colombia and abroad.
Henry Eder
President of Universidad Icesi´s Counsel, Manuelita and former mayor of Cali (1986-1988); he is a member of the Board of Directors at Fundación Valle del Lili.
Ramiro Guerrero
Bachelor in Economics from Universidad de los Andes, Master in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources from the University of Maryland and of Economic Policy from CERDI-Université d´Auvergne in France. Currently he is the director of PROESA.