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PROESA - Centre for Studies in Social Protection and Health Economics - makes high quality research and generate evidence relevant to the orientation of public policies on social protection and health economics, both nationally and internationally.
PROESA is an independent, nonprofit organization, founded in 2010 jointly by the University Icesi and Clinica Valle del Lili (FVL) Foundation, both established in Cali Colombia. The FVL, founded in 1982, is a nonprofit hospital, a leader in various clinical areas and with great experience in research, ranked the fourth best in Latin America.
ICESI University, founded in 1973, is a private university with high quality institutional accreditation granted by the government of Colombia. The FVL provides funding for basic operations PROESA while ICESI University center provides facilities and provides support in information services, technology and library. ICESI has 163 full-time teachers, of which 102 have Ph.D or are in the process of attaining this category. FVL has 280 specialists.