Financial System in Colombia

The Financial System is one of the fundamental supports of a modern economy. Its role is to intermediate between agents with surpluses of financial resources and agents who require those, allowing an efficient use of financial resources within the economic system. In that way, its activity implies an interaction between it an all economic sectors, because they necessarily appeal to it to save, invest or seek funding. Keeping that in mind, allows us to say that the evolution of financial activity must be followed closely because it can reflect signs of the entire economic performance.

The Colombian Financial System report is monthly published by the Center for Research in Economics and Finance (Cienfi), aiming to follow closely the evolution of this important sector. 


The report's objective is to follow the Colombian Financial System performance. Thus, it illustrates the evolution and composition of loan and deposit balances in Credit Establishments, and how market reference interest rates behave. We set our attention in Credit Establishments because they are directly in charge of financial intermediation activity in Colombia.