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  • Use username outside of TW
    How do I query the available cookies/sessions to determine my userId or login so I can use my users table outside of TW? Seems like this should be easily documented but I've searched and searched. Thanks in advance for any help.
  • Images not uploading and displaying since upgrading to 5.2
    Ever since I upgraded my TikiWiki installations to 5.2 I have been unable to upload images successfully into the images gallery. although the upload process seems to work none of the new images will display. Images uploaded into the earlier version are still visible however. I currently have images set to store in the database. Does any one know why this may be happening??
  • Delete tracker items quickly
    Hi, how do I delete tracker items based on tracker Id and date quickly? I need to delete a lots of old tracker items (more than 30,000 items). Is there a way to do so within TikiWiki or I have to do it at the database level? We are using TikiWiki version 2.2. Many of the tracker items have image attachments and comments associated with them. I suppose we need to delete them as well. Thanks.
  • You do not have permission to use this feature: tiki_p_admin_calendar
    I search but could not find it - I am sure it is an easy fix thanks Tracy
  • How to format TRACKERFILTER?
    I'm using the TRACKERFILTER plugin to allow users to to search/filter items in a tracker. Currently, Tiki renders the TRACKERFILTER as a table. Is there any way to better format this? For example, can I use a template for the *search/filter* form? I know I can use a pretty tracker for the *results*, but I want to make the *form* prettier. Is this possible? -R
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