Professional Identity in Language Teaching

Universidad Icesi, Cali, Colombia - 21, 22 November 2019


What is the conference about?

The theme of our conference speaks to how language teachers perceive themselves and how they are perceived by others, including their employers and their students – as workers with language, professional communicators, specialists in pedagogy, even as cultural mediators.

Call for papers

We invite proposals on topics that explore questions around professional identity in language teaching from multiple perspectives.


Participant profile

The conference will be of interest to teachers, administrators, educators and policy makers who are involved in the learning and teaching of languages in public and private schools; universities; language institutes; and regional and national government.

Keynote Speakers

Fiona English, PhD

Fiona English, PhD

International Keynote Speaker

Tim Marr, PhD

Tim Marr, PhD

International Keynote Speaker

Ana Laura Martínez Vázquez

Ana Laura Martínez Vázquez

International Speaker

Martin Caicedo

Martin Caicedo

National Speaker

Ricardo Romero

Ricardo Romero

National Speaker

More National Keynote Speakers will be announced in due course. 
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The Book Launch of "Rethinking TESOL in Diverse Global Settings" written by Tim Marr & Fiona English

Table of contents

1. Introduction: What Is It about Language Teachers and Language?
2. Is English Different? The Numbers and the Narratives
3. What Kind of Language Do We Teach? Lingua Francas and Lingua Franca English
4. What Do Learners Expect to Learn? Beliefs, Prospects and Realities
5. What Does It Mean To Be an English Language Teacher? Identity and Expertise
6. How Does Linguistics Help? (1) – Describing Language
7. How Does Linguistics Help? (2) – Analysing Language
8. What Does the Learner Bring to the Classroom? Students' Linguistic and Cultural Capital
9. What Makes a Classroom Authentic? English Inside and Outside the Classroom
10. Conclusion: What Do I Teach when I Teach English?


Event Information

The 5th Universidad Icesi Conference on Language Teaching and Learning will be held at the Universidad Icesi campus in Cali, Colombia on 21-22 November 2019. This year’s conference focuses on practice, reflection, and community in language teaching. The conference will feature workshops, plenaries, presentations and more.





Universidad Icesi

ICESI University, founded in 1979, is a private university with high quality institutional accreditation granted by the Colombian government. The university is widely recognized as one of the best private universities in Colombia for its academic quality and its social impact on the local and national community.

The Foreign Language Department

The Foreign Language Department at Icesi is an academic unit committed to research in Applied Linguistics as well as innovation in language teaching practice. The department offers a variety of language courses in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, and Mandarin for a population of more than 6000 students in the various undergraduate and graduate programs.


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