Mesh Compression Technique based on the Simplicial Representation

Andrés Adolfo Navarro Newball, Francisco Julián Herrera Botero, Luis Eduardo Múnera S.


Polygonal meshes, which approxi­mate the surface of an object, are the most common method for repre­senting three dimensional objects. Here, in order to attain efficiency, the triangle is the most used polygon. However, the number of required triangles increases as more realism is needed in a complex form. For this reason, mesh optimization techniques have been created that keep resolu­tion and enhances performance. This way, the polygonal mesh occupies less memory space. This paper presents a mesh compression technique which is based on mathematical topology and the simplicial representation. This technique was developed in order to compress meshes that were going to be sent through Internet.


Mesh; Simplicial Complex; Topology; Polygon; Compression.



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