Fuzzy Logic Type 2 applied to Didactic Factory for Industrial Process Control, respect to Flow and Level Variables

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Gustavo Adolfo Díaz
Jesús Alfonso López Sotelo
Eduardo Caicedo Bravo


We report the use of fuzzy logic type 1 and 2 for industrial process control, as well as the implementa­tion of an industrial PLC (PLC) and comparisons across the parameters of performance ISE, IAE, control effort. Matlab software is used to develop the machines, a type of fuzzy infer­ence and two kinds Mandami, which helped get the parameters that were sent through a multilayer neural network to the PLC, the utility of the OPC and for the control of variables Process flow and level

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Gustavo Adolfo Díaz, Centro de Electricidad y Automotización Industrial, SENA, Valle del Cauca

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Jesús Alfonso López Sotelo, Programa de Ingeniería Mecatrónica, Universidad Autónoma de Occidente

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Eduardo Caicedo Bravo, Universidad del Valle

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