Methodological Aspects of the hl7v3 Adoption in Colombia: The Experience of the Clinical Laboratory Tests Technical Committee

Gabriel Tamura Morimitsu, Norha Milena Villegas Machado, Fernando Portilla


The clinical laboratory orders and results was the first Use Case Technical Committee (UCTC) which began operations in Colombia and the first one in proposing HL7 adapted standards for Colombia. The collaborative work among its members has been the basis for defining implementation guides for the clinical laboratory orders and results use cases. Additionally, as a pioneer UCTC in Colombia, it developed a guide-for guides proposal, i.e. a standard for defining implementation guides in any domain within the CDA scope. This article presents an overview of the evolution of health information systems in Colombia and the first steps that have been taken for the adoption of the HL7 international standard in the country. It also describes the methodology for the development and adaptation of the first HL7 implementation guides.


HL7-based interoperability for health; standards for electronic data interoperability in health; health information systems; clinical laboratory orders; clinical laboratory results; hospital information system (HIS); laboratory information system (LIMS).



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