Study and Implementation of Mobile WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) Drivers for Digital Mobile Companions

Henry Alberto Arcila Ramírez, Eugenio Duque Pérez, José Edinson Aedo Cobo


The accelerated progress in the mobile industry market has attracted a growing interest in research in the field of wireless communications technologies. Today, the applications and services demand highest connection data transmission rates. The 3G and WiMAX mobile technologies have been proposed to successfully achieve the speed + mobility tradeoff. As Mobile systems are constrained in processing resources, information storage and energy consumption, designers have to take all these characteristics into account when design a system of this type. The present paper is focused on the mplementation of mobile systems using WiMAX technology. We study the standard and the required HW/SW resources for the implementation of a specific WiMAX device with the two embedded development systems based on iMXL and PXA-270 available processors. In this study we evaluated the complexity of the implementation of WiMAX connectivity for mobile devices in our local environment, taking into account the Hardware, Software and infrastructure limitations.


WiMAX; WiMAX system profile; WiMAX certification profile; development system based on iMXL and PXA-270; connection interface; Linux drivers.



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