Enlarged view for Project management using best practice fourth edition of the PMBOK® and CMMISVC ® V.1.2 capacity or maturity level 2

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Ingrid Lucía Muñoz Periñán
Liliana del Socorro Gómez Arenas


The article presents a summary of the comparison between models CMMI ®-DEV V.1.2  and CMMISVC ® V1.2 in order to decide which of them will be held later crossing and compared with the PMBOK ® Guide Fourth Edit product, which result is a proposal for a larger view model or be used as a reference for improvement in services or consulting organizations that use for their project management best practices guide both the PMBOK ® and models CMMI.

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Ingrid Lucía Muñoz Periñán, Green SQA

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Liliana del Socorro Gómez Arenas, Green SQA

Bio Statement is available in Spanish


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