Agile Methodology for Small Teams Using Microsoft Platforms

Andrés Felipe Paz Loboguerrero, Lorena Castañeda Bueno, Hugo Fernando Arboleda


Aiming to improve the performance of software development teams, many development methodologies have been defined; among which are the prescriptive and agile. Despite this, teams do not usually use any of these by not finding them tailored to their particular context, and instead go directly to the task of programming. This article proposes a light software development methodology adapted to a precise and well-defined context, aligning Microsoft Solutions Framework for Agile Software Development (MSF4ASD) with the project management guidelines presented in the PMBOK Guide. In addition, it offers elements for the implementation of a Microsoft team software development platform to support it.


Software development teams; software development methodologies; agile development; project management; collaboration; Microsoft Team Foundation Server.


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