Digital tools for facilitating/improving knowledge construction

Paola Andrea Barriga Gutiérrez, Juan Manuel Andrade


Are we actually prepared for permanently reach an educational way, where pencils, boards and notebooks can be replaced by screens and displays?  While we can’t be able to manage digital tools for promoting knowledge construction, help to analyze information, and can finally be able to use technology as a mindtool, this educational and technological step would be a devices update only. This research project, aims to create a solution, capable of easing knowledge construction, covered in information creation and analysis, from the available data, and thus, enriches higher thinking skills in students, who must be prepared for the challenges given by new century of information.


Knowledge construction; digital tools; creation and analysis of information; mindtools.


Barriga, P. & Andrade, J. (2011). Herramientas digitales para facilitar la construcción de conocimiento a través del aprendizaje espacial que desarrollan las capacidades intelectuales de orden superior de análisis y creación [Proyecto de Grado]. Universidad Icesi: Cali, Colombia.

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