Design, analysis and production of sofa frame by means of application Lean Manufacturing

Marta Sáenz Muñoz


The strength and durability performance of a wooden frame for an upholstered sofa depend on two aspects: the implementation of a good structural design and how the manufacturing process is carried out. The aim of this study was to break down the current structural design of the wooden frame upholstered sofa of the Sinai model and its manufacturing process. The analysis was carried out using a computer simulation program where it was confirmed that the structure was oversized for the loads managed in service support. The Engineering design was the methodology proposed by Carl Eckelman. The analysis was carried out using SAP 2000® software. The static loads were simulated for both, the existing structure and the new structure, in order to verify the actual resistance and to ensure primarily, the performance of the new structure with the proposed changes. As a proposed recommendation it’s the wood material optimization and the implementation of some tools about Lean Manufacturing: The 5's philosophy and plant distribution.


Design and structural analysis of furniture, sofa frame, lean manufacturing


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