Located creation: opportunities for social innovation in digital media. Case Canal*temporal

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Javier Aguirre Ramos
Felipe Cesar Londoño


Digital systems, by incorporating geographical location, have led to artistic exploration creating a new category of digital art, called locative art. Canal * Temporal, a proposal by the Spanish artist Antoni Abad, motivated the community of displaced and demobilized people from the city of Manizales, to tell an unedited version of the Colombian armed conflict through locative media. Unfortunately, legal, technological and budget issues did not allow continuing the project. This article presents the results of the analysis to the project Canal*Temporal from a social innovation perspective and proposes alternatives, through design as a projective practice, enabling to continue the process started.

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Javier Aguirre Ramos, Universidad Icesi, Cali

Diseñador Gráfico de Bellas Artes (Cali, Colombia), con Maestría en Diseño y Creación Interactiva de la Universidad de Caldas (Manizales, Colombia). Se desempeña como director del Programa Diseño de Medios Interactivos en la Universidad Icesi (Cali, Colombia).

Felipe Cesar Londoño, Universidad de Caldas, Manizales

Arquitecto de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Manizales), con doctorado en Ingeniería Multimedia de la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (España). Actualmente es director del Doctorado en Diseño y Creación de la Universidad de Caldas (Manizales, Colombia).


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