Search technique to offering services supported on Multi-agent Systems and P2P network

Alejandro Muñoz Andrade, Diego Eryk Muñoz Luna, Pablo Augusto Magé


The ability to find services in unstructured P2Pnetworks; it has become a difficult task execution bythe topology of the network, and the instability of thevarious servers that are not always available for service.It aims to develop a search technique supported onMulti-agent Systems to establish the behavior of thesesuper-nodes, the main disadvantage of these multiagentsystems is communication between agents in aP2P environment, to solve this limitation is to be usedthe protocols of the JXTA technology as a mediator andfacilitator in communications multi-agent system, thistechnique would give us the possibility to reach differentservers within the P2P network and incorporate thesenodes behavior by agents in the system.


P2P Networks; JXTA; multiagent systems


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