Victim-Attacker monitoring system at indoor and outdoor environments

Madelayne Morales Rodriguez, Juan Camilo Acosta Escobar, Juan David Díaz Ramírez, Darío Fernando Cortés Tobar


The actual methods of electronic surveillance of the convicted in home detention (or with restricted mobility) are designed for allowing his/her fast localization. Some cases, as physical aggression, this is not enough. The system should be able to provide calm and avoid concerns to the victim, assuring  that him/her attacker keeps in a safe distance. This project recognizes advantages and limitations on actual surveillance systems based on GPS; it designs a platform of surveillance and communications combining communication's technologies in a way where the platform  is able to interact with commercial mobile devices at indoor and outdoor scenarios and, the key issue, it's able to inform the victim and relevant authorities about violations to agreements about distance aggressor-victim. The tests of the system show is a feasible solutions. However, its application requires both, changes in the judicial system about surveillance of the sentenced in home detention (recognizing the main objective is not prevent the fuge, but keep safe the victims), and improving the delay time in SMS traffic in Colombia.


Monitoring prisoners; monitoring platform; electronic Surveillance


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