Image information influencing the online purchase intention of vegetables products

Nancy Sandoval, Alexander Potes, Ana Maria Arboleda, Juan Manuel Salamanca, Carlos Arce-Lopera


Visual information of the products offered by virtual channels has an important role in the customer purchase intention, for the case of perishable products, especially for vegetables, such information becomes more important since it involves one of the sensory aspects that consumers use to decide whether or not to purchase. The principal goal of this study is to identify and characterize different types of visual information that affect vegetable purchase intention through virtual channels and determining the technical and financial requirements that a retail company should consider to present this information using information technologies. Other factors that also affect online purchase intention are included, and although unrelated to the products visual presentation, are tied to issues to be considered by organizations, so that the whole virtual buying process is satisfactory to the client.


Ecommerce; retail; software as a service; vegetable; virtual store; Web services.


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