Mechanic simulator fluids for clean-up operations and phases separation in vertical and horizontal wells with coiled tubing technology

Juan David Tarache Serrano, Germán Eduardo Martínez Barreto, Jenny Catalina González Peña, Magda Alexandra Trujillo Jiménez


This Project look for the processes simulation that take place in the oil Wells that operate the coiled tubing technique, so its workers, Company personal and anyone that wants to look these processes, can prove that consist in their cleaning methods and phase separation in these Wells, and at the same time, in what way the substances that in and out of well are controlled, show their physical features and allow that a person, without previous knowledge about the topic, may understand easily what is it injection fluid purpose by means of the C. T. in oil Wells. 


Prototype; simulator; fluid mechanics; coiled tubing; submersible pump; on-off control; mobile application; Android; Arduino; sensor; sharpdevelop; zed graphic; solid works; 3D.

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