Android mobile application for monitoring and recording human nutritional status implemented in a free hardware platform

Faber Ignacio Robayo, Jhon Alexander Neira, Martín Adolfo Vásquez


This work consists of the real-time measurement of anthropometric variables, such as weight, by means of a digital scale, and height, by means of an ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04; these data are read by an Arduino Nano card and sent through an HC-05 Bluetooth module to the Android mobile operating system, which has an application where the values are processed. The mobile application uses the received variables and other data that the user enters, calculates the BMI (body mass index), the ideal weight, and, according to the result, creates a personal record of weight and nutritional status to be stored in a database each time the user chooses a new control. In addition, the data accumulated over time can be viewed in a web page that contains dynamic graphs of the evolution of the user’s body weight and baseline nutritional status. This project helps to create awareness among the population about the risks to health of being overweight, obese or lean.


BMI; anthropometric; ultrasonic; Bluetooth; Arduino; nutritional status.

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