Development of a multispectral system for precision agriculture applications using embedded devices

  • Angie Katherine Torres Galindo Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencio
  • Andrés Felipe Gómez Rivera, Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencio
  • Andrés Fernando Jiménez López Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencio
Keywords: Precision agriculture, Python, remote sensing, software, wireless.


This document shows advances in the development of prototypes to acquire remote sensing information in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for applications in precision agriculture. We present the development of two prototypes consisting of multispectral cameras for the blue, green, red, and near infrared bands using Tiva® C Series LaunchPad and Raspberry Pi development boards, which presented substantial differences in processing time and images storage. In this document, we describe the design and development of a multispectral information acquisition system to analyze vegetal coverage, initially in an African oil palm plantation. This system couples with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, allowing latitude and longitude maneuverability. This improves the data gathering efficiency in small plots, increasing the spatial and temporal resolution from a system controlled on the ground.


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Author Biographies

Angie Katherine Torres Galindo, Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencio
Candidate to degree in Electronics Engineering (Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencio-Colombia). His current research interests are applications of precision agriculture, robotics and embedded systems.
Andrés Felipe Gómez Rivera,, Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencio

Candidate to degree in Electronics Engineering (Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencio-Colombia). His current research interests are applications of precision agriculture, robotics and embedded systems.

Andrés Fernando Jiménez López, Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencio

Master in Sciences–Physics (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) and Electronic Engineer (Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia). Professor at the Math and Physics Department - Basic Sciences and Engineering Faculty and member of the Macrypt research group at the Universidad de los Llanos (Villavicencio, Colombia), since 2013. His current research interests include image processing, precision agriculture, physics and remote laboratories.


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