Embedded system for staff access control using NFC and MIFARE technologies

Rodrigo Andrés Góngora Herrera, Brayan David Ruiz Rubiano, Darin Jairo Mosquera Palacios


This paper presents the analysis and performance evaluation of an embedded prototype to control the access of people to companies or institutions by using short range wireless technologies, like NFC and RFID. The developed system proposes a hybrid identification method between MIFARE cards and smartphones with Android operating system. It integrates a web platform in charge of the processing of the system data and increase the use of the technology through services where the gathering of people and objects register and authentication is required. With this proposal, we seek to optimize the time in the identification transactions and improve the security in places where the manual access is carried out. This work is an answer to the need of an adequate management of the access control of the Technological Faculty personnel in the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas in Bogotá: the chosen scenario for testing our proposal.


Access control; Android; contactless communications; embedded system; personal identification; NFC; RFID.

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