Telemedicine system based on ECG signals and in the TCP/IP protocol using a sparse space

  • Wilmar Tuay Universidad de Pamplona
  • Luis Mendoza Universidad de Pamplona
  • Leonor Jaimes Cerveleón Universidad de Pamplona
Keywords: Electrocardiogram, TCP / IP, Tele-monitoring, WLAN.


Telemedicine systems are revolutionizing applications in the health sector, to the point where people are monitored remotely. This article presents a telemedicine system for transmission of electrocardiographic data (ECG) using TCP/IP protocol in real time. The communication system consists of the stage of instrumentation that includes amplifiers and filters. TCP/IP communication system was used to transmit and tele-monitor the subjects. We performed tests with 30 subjects, in addition was determined by the percentage of error of information loss had an average value of 0.25%.


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Author Biographies

Wilmar Tuay, Universidad de Pamplona
Engineer in Telecommunications from the Universidad de Pamplona (Colombia). He worked with the Corporación Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología de Antioquia
Luis Mendoza, Universidad de Pamplona

Electronics Engineer from the Universidad de Pamplona (Colombia) with a Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes (Mérida, Venezuela). His main areas of interest in research are: Medical electronic instrumentation advanced processing of signals and images and Telemedicine. Professor and researcher at the Universidad de Pamplona  


Leonor Jaimes Cerveleón, Universidad de Pamplona

Industrial Engineer and Specialist in Integrated Systems for Quality Management from Universidad de Pamplona and Master in Business Administration and Innovation form Universidad Simon Bolivar 



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