Mathematical model for a mixed energy system as a technological alternative in the supply of electrical energy in non-interconnected areas

Oscar Iván Galvis Cabrera, Cristian Arturo Lee Capera, Claudia María Cardona Londoño, Johann Alexander Hernández


The final product of this article is a mathematical model of a Mixed Energy System (MES) with Biogas-Electrical Energy (B-EE) that uses residual biomass of the pig waste, with which it is possible to estimate the amount of organic biomass necessary (or the number of animals required to produce it) to supply a farm for a certain number of hours a day, knowing the loads to be connected to the generator and taking into account the parameters necessary for the biodigester to perform its fermentation process and deliver the necessary biogas for the generator to supply power under normal conditions. The work was carried out in San Antonio del Tequendama (Cundinamarca, Colombia), a rural municipality, with a high degree of pork exploitation, and without supply of electrical energy. A small biodigester of 2.84 m3 was standardized, chorizo type, with a load of six pigs, C:N ratio of 1:30, temperature between 18-24 °C; a pH range of 6.8-7.2, for the supply of 2 kW of power, with a generator that runs with this biogas, for a consumption of 0.55 m3⁄h.


Biodigester; biogas; electric generator; model.

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