UML-based Scheme for Software Architecture Representations

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Sandra Victoria Hurtado Gil


A significant amount of research has been conducted in the Software Architecture field in the last few years. The focus of many of these studies is to find a representation system able to go beyond the informality of the traditional “box-and-line” diagram, but keeping a low complexity level, so it can be used as a communication tool between all the software project stakeholders.

Computer systems engineers now may use Architecture Description Languages as a valuable tool for a more accurate representation of the system’s architecture. However, most of these languages are very complex or purpose-specific.

This article presents an UML-based scheme for software architecture representations. This novel scheme benefits from all the advantages of UML, and includes several structures that enable the representation of an ample variety of systems.

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Sandra Victoria Hurtado Gil, Departamento de Sistemas, Universidad Icesi

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