Internet Based Software Architecture for Virtual Simulation of Endoscopic Surgery in Otolaryngology

Andrés Adolfo Navarro Newball, Jorge Alberto Vélez Beltrán, Luis Eduardo Múnera, Gregorio Bernabé


In this work, the term architecture refers mainly to the overall structure of its logical software components. However, when required, other aspects, like the hardware and the operating system, are taken into account. The aim of the resulting system is to provide two telemedicine services in otolaryngology for doctors in remote locations or to practitioners. Difficult access to medical services in remote geographical location is a common situation in Latin America. According to this, a support system would be helpful. The suggested services, remote training using virtual simulation and remote decision support, must be supported using a software architecture that is appropriate for the Internet. This document presents first an introduction to the project followed by a description of the problem and the novelty of the work. Next a preliminary description of the architecture is done before the results of the project are shown. Finally, conclusions and further work are presented.


Telemedicine; virtual medicine; virtual reality; otolaryngology.



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