Outlook and Trends of Telematics in Health, talking about Telemedicine

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Jorge Alberto Vélez Beltrán


This paper describes the international experiences on the Telemedicine area through the international meetings and conference since 2001, until 2003, from the American Teleme dicine Association-ATA and the International Society for Telemedicine-ISfT.

Telemedicine trends are oriented to produce a synergic effect to sharing, partnering and collaborating efforts in a worldwide scenario. Latin America and Colombia with the Colombian Telemedicine Center, had been participated with experiences in telemedicine medical services, v.gr. teleophtalmology, tele-dermatology, teleotolaryngology, virtual surgical telesimulation and distance learning strategies.

Telemedicine and medical simulation are a challenge for Latin America and the Telemedicine teams.

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Jorge Alberto Vélez Beltrán, Centro de Telemedicina de Colombia (CTMC), Cali

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