Methodological Proposal for Data Warehouse Design

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José Hernando Bahamón Lozano


The development of Management Information Systems based on Ware-house Data technologies and Olap tools is relatively new. Therefore, there is no valid methodological approach that is generally accepted as such by the academic community.

This article presents a methodological approach to the design of a data warehouse using the identification of management information requirements as a shaft that supports the control and decision-making processes.

The suggested approach consists of eight steps grouped in three different stages. The first stage encompasses the identification of management information requirements from a business perspective. The second one deals with all the activities associated with the preparation of a logical conceptual model for the data warehouse structure, and the third stage includes the steps to make the physical design of the data warehouse structure.

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José Hernando Bahamón Lozano, Universidad Icesi, Cali

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