Graphic Tool for Wireless Networks Modeling, based in Indoor Signal Propagation Models

Sandra Paulina López O., Juan David Osorio Betancur, Andrés Navarro Cadavid


This paper describes the implementation of an indoor propagation prediction model, based in the semiempirical model of K. W. Cheung, J. H. M. Sau, y R. D. Murch, which includes the Path Loss, the incidental angle over walls and the associated attenuation, and the Fresnel zones.

The information about the specific environment are taken from a DXF file, that must follow an established format. The attenuation factor of walls and the AP location are obtained from the user.

Also, a shadowing algorithm that optimize the simulation time is developed. Finally, the contrast of the simulation results against the data of a site survey is showed.


Propagation models; wireless LAN; wireless systems; DXF; attenuation; shadowing Test.



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