Measure of Parameters for Electromagnetic Fields Incidence over Biological Systems in the Range of 50MHz to 1GHz

Daniel Rosas Tapia, Duván Javier Mejía Mateus


Latin America is now the region with the highest growth rate in the telecommunications sector worldwide, and Colombia is one of the countries in this region. An increasing concern has been raised regarding the potential biological effects of radiation associated with these applications. In response to these concerns, the Colombian Ministry of Communications has adopted limits of human exposure to electromagnetic fields following UIT-T K.52 recommendation as a reference guideline. This report undoubtedly makes valuable contributions to the methodology for measuring emissions within a frequency range that encompasses a considerable number of telecommunications applications under (populational) human exposure conditions.


Non-ionizing radiation; electric field intensity; power density; SAR; propagation; polarization; basic restrictions; reference levels; populational exposure; percentile exposure; dielectric properties; TESMonitor© frequencies; spectrum analyzer; antenna.



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